I UK [ˈriːˌlɔːntʃ] / US [ˈrɪˌlɔntʃ] noun [countable]
Word forms "relaunch":
singular relaunch plural relaunches business
a new attempt to sell a product, especially in a slightly different way

II UK [riːˈlɔːntʃ] / US [ˌrɪˈlɔntʃ] verb [transitive]
Word forms "relaunch":
present tense I/you/we/they relaunch he/she/it relaunches present participle relaunching past tense relaunched past participle relaunched
a) to advertise and try to sell a product again, especially in a slightly different way from before

plans to relaunch the Morris Minor

b) to start something again and hope that it will be more successful than before

She's attempting to relaunch her career as a stage actor.

English dictionary. 2014.

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